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How Important Is SEO?

You’ve now completed and launched your website. Now it’s time to do some marketing to enhance your visitor rate.

If you’ve read any online marketing blogs or articles, you’ve probably heard of SEO. But do you understand what it is and what is does? Do you know why your website needs it and why it is one of the most effective methods of making your website more visible to your target audience? If your answers are no, then it’s time that you learn more about SEO.

Types of SEO Techniques

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a method of preparing your website so that it provides high-quality content and attracts a larger volume of high-quality traffic. Although SEO strategies are always changing and offer no guarantee, the results of their application are often tremendously successful.

When optimizing your website, you should always use ethical “white hat” SEO techniques rather than “black hat” SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, using invisible text and creating fake pages that are not visible to users. Black hat techniques aim to manipulate search engine spiders on a short-term basis. They often backfire. Once search engines notice that your site uses black hat SEO techniques – and they will notice – your site will be banned permanently. Then, it will be almost impossible for anyone to find your site without first knowing your web address.

White hat practices, on the other hand, require the incorporation of highly informative and well-focused web content that is truly helpful to your target audience. These techniques make your website more accessible to search engine spiders, and they follow search engine guidelines. As a result, their benefits are long-term.

Why Use SEO?

Studies show that the typical search engine user only views top-ranking search results. This means, they simply skim through, looking for relevant headlines and summaries. They rarely look beyond the first ten results, and they view subsequent results pages even less frequently.

Using search engine optimization will help your website rank higher in organic, or free, search engine results. And, as stated, a high rank in organic search results is important if you want your website to be seen.

How Do You Apply SEO

Search engine optimization is not easily learned. The process entails many layers and the rules are always changing. In addition, periodic updates are necessary.

To save time and effort, many website owners hire SEO experts to optimize their sites. The initial cost of optimizing your site may seem high. However, you must keep in mind that the impact of optimization is powerful and lasting. So in the long run, SEO is generally less expensive than many offline and online marketing strategies.

Ten Tips on How to Use Email to Promote Your Business

E-mail is a valuable, flexible, and immediate way to promote your business-whether you have an online business or a traditional bricks and mortar shop. But you need to be smart in how you approach e-mail promotions so that they will be effective in supporting your sales or communications goals. E-mail is best used when you want to update customers on a new product, a special offer or sale, or to tell them about an event. It is also an easy and inexpensive way to stay connected and communicate with customers which helps promote word of mouth referrals and eventually drive additional sales. Continue reading

What about services that submit my web site to 1500+ search engines?

The majority of these 1500+ so called search engines are free links for all pages, very special interest web pages or, even worse, web sites masquerading as search engines.

Submitting your web page to these 1500+ search engines means that you’ll end up with 1500+ spam e-mail messages.

It’s quality that matters, not quantity. For that reason, visiblexposure only submits to search engines that are really used by the majority of web surfers.

I’ve seen a free submission service on the web. Why should I use visiblexposure instead?

visiblexposure does much more than just submitting your web pages. visiblexposure provides exactly the information that is needed by the search engines. It’s important that you provide the right description length, it’s important that you follow their submitting guidelines, it’s important that you submit your web site to the right category, etc. Your web pages also have to be prepared before you can submit them. Free submission services don’t offer these very important functions.

If you don’t submit your web site to exactly the right category and if you don’t follow the rules of a search engine, it will consider your submission as SPAM and skip your web page.

visiblexposure also helps you to check the results of your web site promotion activities. visiblexposure checks the ranking of your web pages. visiblexposure will even check your competitors’ web sites.

You cannot hope to obtain high quality listings with free listing services. With help from visiblexposure, you control and manage your very own web site promotion campaign.

How does visiblexposure improve the ranking of my web site?

Each search engine has different rules and criteria to determine whether and how a web page is indexed. visiblexposure helps find the right title, keywords and description of your web pages so that they exactly meet the rules of the search engines.

visiblexposure analyzes all your web pages and then gives you individual tips on how to improve them. visiblexposure gives you many tips on how to design your web site so that it contains exactly the data that is needed by search engines to index your web site.