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Is your ranking on Google® accurate?

So you see website is on page 1 for your target keyword, yet you are still not receiving any calls or emails? Chances are you aren’t on page one and your results are being skewed by Google’s® default web history feature.

About web history
Web history is a feature implemented by Google® that personalizes users results based on their web activity. Sites you visit in a search are promoted to show up higher in the results the next time you search using the same keywords. While the intentions is good, it skews your results, and then you have no idea what a new user searching for the first time will see. The solution and a good practice is to disable web history.

How can I disable web history?

  • 01. Visit Google® and perform any search.
  • 02. On the results page, click the gear icon on the upper right.
  • 03. A drop down menu will appear. Click “Web History”
  • 04. Click “Disable customizations based on search activity.”

Note: You have to do this each time you sign out of a Google account.

Solution 2: Use (2) browsers
We recommend using Safari signed out with web history disabled for most web surfing. Then use Firefox at the same time signed in to manage AdWords and other Google® products.

And there you have it. Now you can see search results the way the real world sees them. Now you can see where you actually rank and get an accurate view of the competitive playing field.