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What about services that submit my web site to 1500+ search engines?

The majority of these 1500+ so called search engines are free links for all pages, very special interest web pages or, even worse, web sites masquerading as search engines.

Submitting your web page to these 1500+ search engines means that you’ll end up with 1500+ spam e-mail messages.

It’s quality that matters, not quantity. For that reason, Miami SEO Guide only submits to search engines that are really used by the majority of web surfers.

I’ve seen a free submission service on the web. Why should I use Miami SEO Guide instead?

Miami SEO Guide does much more than just submitting your web pages. Miami SEO Guide provides exactly the information that is needed by the search engines. It’s important that you provide the right description length, it’s important that you follow their submitting guidelines, it’s important that you submit your web site to the right category, etc. Your web pages also have to be prepared before you can submit them. Free submission services don’t offer these very important functions.

If you don’t submit your web site to exactly the right category and if you don’t follow the rules of a search engine, it will consider your submission as SPAM and skip your web page.

Miami SEO Guide also helps you to check the results of your web site promotion activities. Miami SEO Guide checks the ranking of your web pages. Miami SEO Guide will even check your competitors’ web sites.

You cannot hope to obtain high quality listings with free listing services. With help from Miami SEO Guide, you control and manage your very own web site promotion campaign.

How does Miami SEO Guide improve the ranking of my web site?

Each search engine has different rules and criteria to determine whether and how a web page is indexed. Miami SEO Guide helps find the right title, keywords and description of your web pages so that they exactly meet the rules of the search engines.

Miami SEO Guide analyzes all your web pages and then gives you individual tips on how to improve them. Miami SEO Guide gives you many tips on how to design your web site so that it contains exactly the data that is needed by search engines to index your web site.